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Copyright 2008 Scheber
Original Artwork by Bridgett Spicer

Copyright 2008 Scheber
Original Artwork by Bridgett Spicer


Copyright 2008 Scheber
Original Artwork by "Ski"


Copyright 2008 Scheber
Original Artwork by "Ski"

is a website created to present political opinion ... and achieve some goals.


To begin to rebuild the American educational system we once had, let's demand the expansion of something that really works.

The Head Start pre-school program, year in and year out, has consistently been extremely successful countrywide. It is the most successful school program in existence in the USA. Yet, all of its Federal funding was cut by the Bush administration.

Still, the Bush administration tries to present itself as the Education Administration. Only one word comes to my mind, but I'll substitute another - Bologna.

Since Head Start educated children relieve the strain on our Public School System, and the side benefits are enumerable, our next administration must not only restore Federal funding to the Head Start program but expand it. And expand it with Multiple-Matching Funds* (MMF).

For starters, some specific MMF options might include;

- Experimental double session Head Start programs for those children whose parent(s) are working parents.
- Expansion of the student body.
- Health care for all full-time classroom teachers**

* Multiple-Matching Funds match State funds with 2:1 Federal funds, and more.

** Split shifting to reduce teaching time shall not be allowed.

Join us at Blinders as we focus our efforts to achieve this one goal.

No names or e-mail addresses, required. We just ask for your single, honest, vote of support for this goal. We'll keep count of the number of supporters by state.

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Here's a visual taste of some upcoming political satire.


Copyright 2008 Scheber
Original Artwork by Bridgett Spicer
Copyright 2008 Scheber
Original Artwork by "Ski"

Copyright 2008 Scheber
Original Artwork by "Ski"

Debut political statement of an IWPA member

Funky Phone Books

"An isolated incident is about as common as a miracle." - GS

What good is a phone book that directs one to sections that don't exist; and doesn't list such essential numbers as United States Post Office phone numbers?

A problem exists in the area I live in and it's very annoying. I've contacted my local Chamber of Commerce and my local Post Office and discovered that I'm not alone in my frustration.

Why do I believe we're being set up? ...is there a fee if one calls information?

As for a penalty - I have an idea that will prevent it in the future.

If this "phone folly" exists in your home town directory, please add your zip code to our list.

(More Fuzzy Math)

The Gross National Debt

...and what happens when interest rates climb?
Tick, tick, tick...

Do you know what the M3 is? It’s the U. S. Government’s record keeping report on how much money we’re printing. Did you know that for more than a year now we’ve stopped reporting that information!

Yes, “As a cost saving measure…” President Bush has directed the Fed to withhold that information. The President has increased the national debt to a near point of no return, and “as a cost saving measure” we the people are no longer allowed to see a balance sheet. No one is!

Today (7/26/08) in a rare Saturday session Congress passed another bail out. Some home owners will be allowed to refinance at no cost to the public. Sounds pretty good eh? You'll hear a lot about that.

What you're likely not to hear is how much the bail out of financial institutions (the real reason for the bill) cost.

If you're interested.

Estimates are our National Debt will soar from just over 9.5 trillion dollars to 10.6 trillion dollars. That's an 11% Increase.

We might have seen a similar jump a few months or so ago, but that bail out money was garnered from the Social Security Trust Fund, which lost a year and a half of its life span.

Ah, life spans!

What might hammer the implication of the National Debt increase home, could be ruminations about; 11% of your life; your income; or net worth; becoming compromised, or having you're taxes increase by 11% to repay the debt.

We are, after all, going to be paying for this.

Do remember that these are only current Government estimates. Our real dollar debt is so much greater!

On the radio several months ago I recall hearing, that President Bush signed an executive order (or some such thing) allowing meat from cloned animals to enter the food chain. As I remember, Congress was adjourned at the time. To date has the consuming public purchased any product ...and at what price. All that totted perfectly marbled meat surely must have tasted great - and cost a pretty penny.

Perhaps it cost more than you guessed. Since most clone attempts fail (80-90% by most accounts) could it be that the failures are what we're being fed?

I hope I'm wrong on this one, but don't bet on it! We've already suffered MTBE poisoning our water and Trans Fats expanding our proportions.

...Follow the Money.

Listening to live testimony, I heard the NORAD OIC (Officer in Charge) of our national air defense testify that the secure military phone lines were (and had been for a couple days) inoperative, and that his command was forced to rely on the public telephone systems for communication. One would think that this situation would have prompted an elevated alert status.

But no... The OIC then stated that at the time of the Twin Towers attack, all the others in his group had all gone home early. At this point my jaw dropped.

When he followed that bombshell with a - I didn't know what to do. I could only moan.

These are men on duty! - Not a good old boys club where everybody goes home early.

And all this was broadcast live, in open hearings. Yet I don't recall much ta-do about this in the press afterwards. There was a lot of talk about response time, and the fact that no planes were even armed.

Not the military I (US5481xxxx) was in. What I'd really like to know is how many heads rolled. My bet is many involved have been promoted!

Paper or Plastic?

By Fran Heffelfinger
Contributing Editor

Well, let's see. Paper is made from trees. Lots and lots of trees. What happens to the forest when all the trees are cut down to produce the paper bags we use for our groceries? Birds and animals loose their homes. Heavy equipment is used for cutting down the trees and transporting them to the factory where they manufacture paper products such as paper bags. The factories polute the air, the trucks use fossil fuel, tear up the land and leave it barren and stripped of all vegetation. The whole entire process creates long-term ecological damage.

Ok, so what about plastic? Plastic is a by-product of the oil-refining process, a non-renewable, and expensive resource. Again, the factories that produce plastic bags and the trucks to deliver the bags are contributing to the polution problem. Once the bags have been used, most of us don't give it another thought and just toss them away in our trash containers. Out of site is out of mind, right? Think again. Perhaps you think recycling is the right thing to do. Let's gather all our bags and drop them off at the recycling center. Here we go again. Trucks have to haul them to factories so they can be repurposed. Then the factories are poluting the air while they "save the planet" by using products that have been used once to create more products. Most of these "reused" products will end up in the landfills or worse.

That brings up another issue. Do you know what happens if they don't end up in landfills? Take a look at this slide show. It is a real eye opener. So what are the choices? Paper or plastic? How about reuseable cloth bags. They are popping up everywhere. Put a cooler in the trunk of your car and fill directly from the cart to the cooler to the fridge. Think of how much better your food will keep if you don't let it thaw in the trunk when driving home. Skip the bags, they are just an extra step anyway. Save money, save time and save the planet!!

All editorial comments are believed, by the writer, to be true and not misleading.

...well perhaps the national debt is recoverable, but when was the last time we paid it down? It is largely responsible, after all, for the US dollars plunge Internationally.

The softer side of George Scheber - Children's Storybooks

Political Pork

Remember the Savings and Loan de-regulation favor, and the melt down that followed?

We all know who got bailed out and who paid the bill.

History repeats.

The de-regulation favor which allowed the Sub Prime fiasco was buried in a Bill in Congress that contained 11,000 pages, much of which I'm told, were so convoluted in legalize that it was almost incomprehensible.

This completed bill was compiled and distributed for review to our Senators for the first time the night before their vote!

11,000 pages!

Who would be able to read and understand such a thing in that allotted time?

Isn't it time We the People demand straight forward Bills without Riders so we can see whats going on in our own Government and hold legislators responsible? Legislators on both sides of the isle!

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